Commonwealth Plywood Distribution, DÖRR Industries and Prestolam have teamed up to offer you a showroom program for the EGGER PerfectSense Topmatt and Woodgrain product lines.


We want you to design and build a piece of furniture integrated into your showroom made exclusively with:

 > PerfectSense Topmatt Doors (manufactured by DÖRR)

 > EGGER PerfectSense Topmatt laminate

 > EGGER Woodgrain Collection Doors (manufactured by Prestolam)

 > Any other EGGER products (EGGER panel, laminate and/or edge banding)

Don't worry about the cost, we will provide you those for FREE!


Interested? Register now by clicking here!

For all the details, you can view the Showroom program brochure HERE


Terms and conditions :

  1. The showroom program applies to customers of the four (4) participating branches of Commonwealth Plywood Distribution: Boucherville, Québec, Ottawa and North Bay. The project must be registered on: A Commonwealth Plywood Distribution sales representative will contact you to confirm your program registration.
  2. To be eligible, the built-in furniture must be made entirely with EGGER products and at least part of the design must be in Topmatt. It must be located in a showroom or model unit.
  3. Commonwealth Plywood Distribution will reimburse you for the full costs incurred for Topmatt doors (manufactured by DÖRR), Woodgrain doors (manufactured by Prestolam) and any other EGGER products used to complete your project upon proof of completion.
  4. All showrooms or unit models meeting the program requirements will be subject to validation by Commonwealth Plywood Distribution. Qualification for reimbursement remains at the discretion of Commonwealth Plywood Distribution.
  5. Photos of completed showrooms or model units will be required and may be used by DÖRR Industries, Prestolam and Commonwealth Plywood Distribution for marketing purposes.
  6. Terms and conditions may change without notice. This program can end at any time.