At the service of design, at the service of your project.

A partner of leading brands in the luxury, automotive and nautical sectors, as well as prestigious companies in the fields of furnishings, product design, interior architecture and contract, with projects ranging from hotels to multi-apartment complexes, retail to public spaces.
ALPI works side-by-side with clients, analyzing the market to understand and forecast new technological and stylistic trends, putting profound know-how in the working of wood to offer the market new stimuli and new design ideas. The production process can be customized for every single project: the product comes to life based on the aesthetic and performance needs of the client, the field of application and the required technologies.
ALPI, through its technical consulting services, accompanies clients in every phase from design to post-sales service, offering complete assistance every step of the way.

An industrial company in constant evolution, a multinational with Italian roots, a forceful projection into the future, and an unrivaled technological reference point for the wood materials sector: ALPI was the first company in the world to industrialize the production process of composite wood. From a workshop of fine cabinet making the company rapidly evolved into an industrial leader in the production of decorative surfaces. Its story is a vibrant tale of a manufacturing tradition focused on excellence and of the Alpi family, still at the helm of the firm today, through three generations, starting with founder Pietro Alpi since 1919.
The progress from a carpentry workshop to an industrial firm specializing in the production of prefabricated panels and wooden surfaces for the still nascent furniture sector already began in the 1950s, with the arrival in the company of Valerio Alpi, son of the founder, and the launching of widespread distribution across the national territory. In 1961 the product "ALPIlignum" was introduced, the first composite veneer and still the brand's most representative item. A true revolution made possible by extraordinary technological research and an extensive background in cabinet making, which led to rapid growth on international markets.