New 2021 Eurodekor Collection Egger

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It's with great pleasure that we present the new Eurodekor Egger 2021 collection of 25 wood grain colours including 18 new ones!

Use the Egger Eurodekor Decorative Collection document to quickly and easily check availability guide information.

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Egger H1221-ST33, U727-PM


Complementary Products for Furniture and Interior Design

Whether you are designing a residential space or working on a commercial project, EGGER offers you the decorative surfaces and materials you need from one single source—making your design work more flexible than ever.

We offer Egger’s decors in a complete matching collection of Eurodekor TFL Particleboard, laminates and edge banding. Product selection is fast and straightforward.

Perfect combination between the products!


Decor match system

Egger perfect decor match system makes life easier by offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for all of your design concepts.

All of Egger matching decors and wood-based solutions are manufactured by them, not outsourced to other suppliers. This means all decors are produced on the same press plates, with identical decor papers to guarantee a match in both colour and texture.

When it comes to your projects, you don’t want to compromise on design and quality. And you don’t have to thanks to their tried-and-true set of matching decors and materials.


Egger H1222-ST33 & End grain Edge Banding Q1222-RO