Sublime Program - MAJOR CHANGES


September 9, 2021 



Dear Client,

We would like to inform you that the Sublime program and its 12 exclusive colors will enter a new phase of manufacturing following a change in the supply of raw materials. Therefore, new 2 " rails will replace the 2.1 / 4" rails, the 7035 door model will have a slightly different interior profile and the core panels will change from 6mm to 8mm.

As of Monday, September 13, the new Sublime program will come into effect. In order to distinguish the new door models from the "old" ones, we have made changes to the product codes.  

Therefore, all new orders for Sublime doors that will be placed on or after September 13 will need to be entered under the new codes mentioned below.

Other orders that have been placed before this date will be honored in accordance to your confirmations.  

New codes for the Sublime program only:

Models - 45 degree assembly 

Shaker model - 90 degree assembly 

ATTENTION: Model 7087 will no longer be available in the new Sublime program due to changes to the raw material.

Please take note that the actual door codes (7035,7051,7057,7087) remain valid for all the other colors in our door catalogue.  

Remake/service orders and pending orders 
After September 13, if you are required to order services and/or remakes included in the previous program, please contact your customer service representative so that we can validate the feasibility of your request.

If you have orders that are currently on hold due to a lack of raw material in the old program, we invite you to contact your customer service representative so that we can analyze each situation.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Prestolam's Customer service